As it got dark we switched our headlights on to give us light. The spirit of (Ubuntu) humanity has kept us going over the years. We have been jamming illegally till 2016 when the Milton Keynes city council and the park trust finally agreed to issue us the license to hold our event which was long overdue. Last year we had a huge turnout and had no incidents on our record. We were honoured to have the Mayor of Milton Keynes which was due to the hard work of our new members in the organising committee Mr Ellias Motsweni and Mr Gusty Mongale who also work closely with the youth. Our next event is on Saturday the 13th of June 2020. Shop applications will open in 1st January 2020 closing on 31st March 2020. We have children activities also as a bonus. Everyone is allowed to bring their barbecues, but please remember all barbecuing will be done at a designated area and also kindly bring black bags for the rubbish. We are starting at 1:00 pm at Willen lake the same place as last year finishing at the park at 9:00pm then head straight to the after party at UNIT 9 until 4:00am. Please note at the after party NO KIDS are allowed.


Our aim with the youth day is to showcase South African talent, food, arts culture etc, while teaching the youth about our history as a nation. We also aim in bringing families together no matter what skin colour or background and learning other cultures.