Pioneered by DJ MK (UK) who is greatly involved within the community, this movement started fifteen(15) years ago with just a few group of friends in the park. Over the years, the June 16th event has evolved and started receiving support from the mayor of the city, the commissioners of the South Africa embassy UK, families of the youth who were part of the Apartheid, the brand South Africa and other sponsors. Behind the pioneer is also a supporting team and committee members that does behind the scenes planning and coordinations.

The Willen Lake Park has been the Youth Day hub which is central and has favourably drawn attention to many African nationals across the country in celebratory of the day through learning about the history, music, dance, food and entrepreneurial social exchanges and trades. In the previous years; these are some of the businesses that have been part of the celebrations, shown avid support and these include: Cater Delights Limited Essex, Golden Spoon Caterers, Embo Designs, Funding Partnership, Monas Collection and Afro Touch Accessories just to mention a few. The Youth Day Celebration is therefore an event that caters for all ages, provides child friendly activities and has security readily available on the premises. This event aims to host all people from different walks of life in a non-discriminatory manner and seeks to unite/work in unity with all races as a whole. Those who would like to take part and be involved with the movement, there will be an online application on this site that will be readily available for businesses and volunteers that will be needed for every June 16th event. The committee for each year will  then categorically select depending on mainly the needs of the crowd and for continued success in the future.